"I was recommended acupuncture with Phaedra to help with IBS and insomnia among other complaints. On meeting her, I immediately felt that I was in safe hands, and have since seen drastic improvements in all areas. Phaedra has an amazing passion and intuition for healing, and such a depth of knowledge of her subject. The treatment room is a calm space, and Phaedra is a special person, who listens and guides me on an individual healing journey. Each week I look forward to my appointment and always leave feeling energized, physically and emotionally."

P C. Artist



"Having not had a period for over 4 months, and with this being a regular occurrence I sought treatment with Phaedra in the hope of restoring some balance. Over the past 6 months the sessions have been incredibly beneficial not only on a physical level but also emotionally and spiritually. Phaedra has been an amazing guide, listener and healer and I'm pleased to report that my periods are now regular, something I've never before experienced in my life!"

S M. Artist

"I had suffered from a very severe diarrhoea for almost 2 months, that got aggravated after a course of antibiotics. My GP could not find the cause so she wanted to prescribe some more antibiotics. I refused to and went to see Phaedra who treated me with acupuncture. My diarrhoea stopped completely, after only one session! I was amazed. Since then, I have suffered from many serious health issues, and she has always helped me through acupuncture and nutritional advice to walk me towards recovery."

S R. Pharmacist

"Seeing Phaedra for acupuncture has completely changed not only my health, but my perspective on looking after myself. I have suffered with PCOS for over eleven years and had become used to irregular periods, low mood and energy and acne. No other treatment I've tried had such amazing results as acupuncture. Within eight treatments Phaedra had me on a more regular cycle, and feeling much better within myself. Her knowledge and passion for healing is inspirational, her practice is comfortable, and I leave every week feeling calm and relaxed. Thanks Phaedra!"

R O. Herbalist

"I came to see Phaedra for nutritional advice a year ago when I was suffering from skin problems. I took some herbal formulas and saw the benefits very quickly, within a week or two. My skin continued to clear and, combining the herbs with a course of acupuncture, the problem has now fully resolved itself.

In addition to treating skin problems, acupuncture has helped me enormously in alleviating headaches, tension, joint problems and period pains. These are common problems for many people leading busy lives and it has been fantastic to discover acupuncture as a truly effective and safe means of therapy. For me acupuncture (and herbs) has been a mind-blowing experience and there is no going back!

Phaedra is an excellent practitioner and I would recommend her to anyone. She has a patient and understanding nature and is very passionate about what she does - and this come across in the treatment you receive from her."  

S E. Translator

"I have suffered from IBS for the last 8 years. It began when I moved to London.   I went to see my doctor many times over this time period and several 'specialists'.  I was told there was nothing to help me. 

 After months of feeling tired and bloated, a friend recommended acupuncture with Phaedra.  I felt the effects straight away and the treatment has helped immensely.  I see Phaedra not only for my IBS but also to help me relax- something I find hard to do.  The whole experience is truly enjoyable."

H Q. Actress

"I have had a lot of experience in working with therapists and I have to say that Phaedra is an acupuncturist of the highest caliber. I was recently diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and met Phaedra at the perfect time. She has a gentle, kind presence that instantly puts you at ease and that's before you've even had your treatment. The treatment itself is an injection of life, I leave feeling like a nourished plant and I always look forward to my next appointment. The physical and emotional benefits have been monumental for me, and I would recommend this perfect combination of an ancient system and Phaedra, who I have found to be a highly skilled therapist."

N R. Yoga Teacher

"I was initially referred to Phaedra as I was having problems with my sinuses. I was sneezing constantly and it was getting to the point where it was genuinely affecting my life - constant sleepless nights were making me exhausted and irritable. I also had menstrual problems, was generally very tired, and knew that my diet was probably a big part of the issues I was having. I had never had acupuncture or nutritional advice before, but within the first few minutes of meeting Phaedra I felt like everything was going to be OK!

Phaedra got to the root of the problem quickly and gave me strong guidelines on what I should be eating and different herbs to aid with my digestion. Within a very short time, my sinus issue was almost totally gone, and my energy levels were transformed. I also recently had my first pain-free period for the first time in 20 years - and that for me is a miracle!

Seeing Phaedra has helped me so much, both in the direct physical benefits of the acupuncture, diet and herbs - but also helping me to mentally focus on my health and generally taking better care of myself. Phaedra is such a kind, warm soul that every visit feels like seeing a good friend, and after every session I feel soothed and re-focused. Sadly I am moving to NZ and can only hope that I can find someone as equally brilliant there!"

R A. TV Director

"The treatment I received from Phaedra has completely changed my world. I went to see her due to stress and low self esteem and felt a positive difference even after one session. Phaedra is professional, knowledgeable and warm - it's like a little bit of magic happened each time I saw her. I cannot recommend her highly enough." 

J O'C.  Director of Photography


"I've been a lifelong sufferer of insomnia.  It really affected my life and state of being/mind, and I tried everything I could to make it go away, from exercise, to rituals advised by guides on how to sleep better, to conventional Western medicine - nothing at all helped - sleeping pills didn't work on me. 

I have to admit that I turned to acupuncture quite skeptically, if only out of desperation to try something I hadn't tried in the past.  My first experience with acupuncture, in a high-street shop, didn't do anything to change that skepticism.

I had not planned to try it again, but when I met Phaedra through mutual friends, I didn't think twice about going to see her because of her straightforward approach to acupuncture and Chinese medicine and her sincere warmth and generosity as she explained what she did to me.  It isn't an exaggeration at all to say that she has changed my life - I now sleep perfectly well, get up refreshed, and am able to deal with life so much better.  She is a perfectly lovely person too who is deeply and passionately committed to what she does.   She has many clients but she makes you feel as if she is invested in every facet of your health, something I've never really felt before from health practitioners.  Going to see her for treatment has quickly become a cornerstone of life for me.  I have recommended her to numerous people and will continue to." 

L S. Artist/Writer



"I contacted Phaedra when I reached the end of my tether after suffering from Endometriosis for well over ten years. Laparoscopy's, laser treatment, scans, contraceptive pills - nothing had helped the daily pain that I was enduring not to mention the agonising monthly pain. When I first began treatment with Phaedra I have to admit I was very skeptical and, as one of life's pessimists I did not hold out much hope at all for it working. How wrong I was. After 5 sessions of acupuncture alongside the prescribed herbs and nutritional changes to my diet I experienced the first pain free period I had had for 15 years. On top of this - as an extra unexpected bonus - the chronic insomnia I have suffered all my life has completely gone. I was reliant on sleeping pills almost every night and have not taken a single one since starting the treatment. Phaedra has a way of helping you believe that you CAN get better and that there is hope (which after years of dismissive, patronising GP's was just wonderful!) but the proof is most certainly in the results. I am now a complete convert to this type of treatment and cannot recommend Phaedra highly enough."

S W.  Actress



"I contacted Phaedra via her website when at my wits end after several years of back pain and stiffness. After a few treatments the pain subsided and I now find it manageable and can understand the emotional states associated with it. This for me has been a very important realization and through the treatment, I have begun to feel better in all aspects of my life.

Phaedra has a very quiet, kind and empathic approach to working and I quickly found myself trusting her advice and being able to very quickly see fast results reflected in my physical, mental and emotional states. This experience has showed me just how powerful acupuncture and Chinese medicine can be in treating symptoms that I thought were just something I had to learn to live with. Phaedra brings something more to her practice - a certain kind of intuition and care - she is very gifted at what she does."

J S. Artist



"I went to see Phaedra with a history of miscarriage and problem pregnancies. Pregnant again, I was suffering hugely with relentless morning sickness and anxiety about losing my baby. I also didn't realise how run down my body had become over the years, which Phaedra gently brought to light. I soon craved my acupuncture as it would give me huge relief from feeling so unwell. Phaedra's nutritional advice quite rapidly helped my body reach a better health too - despite my pregnancy illness, I felt "stronger" at a core level, and everyone around me noticed how well I looked!

I was also amazed at how effective acupuncture could be at treating anxiety, which, I'm sure reflects Phaedra's compassionate and holding presence too."

J B. Psychotherapist

"I met Phaedra by chance and felt a connection with her after our first conversation, and this was the basis for me going to see her for acupuncture. Initially I was seeking treatment as a way of finding a way to gain energy and mainly de-stress. Through Phaedra's caring, gentle and sincere treatment, I discovered that I actually had something in particular that needed immediate attention and treatment. I can honestly say that by meeting and having treatment by Phaedra, my life has changed for the better."

A J. Fashion Editor & Stylist

"I've known Phaedra for some years now. She works holistically, effectively and intuitively. She cares deeply about this work and her clients and has a vast treasury of knowledge about how to regain health and how to maintain a healthy body. In Phaedra's hands you can't put a foot wrong."

U M. BRCP Reflexologist

"I met Phaedra after a nasty bout of flu which left me listless and demotivated. She has given me excellent nutritional advice and has also been treating me with acupuncture (which I just love!) on a regular basis ever since. I felt better after my first treatment and was soon feeling fabulous. I cannot recommend her highly enough....she really knows her stuff and more importantly - really cares."

S G. Airline Pilot

"I experienced a pinched nerve in my shoulder a few months back, which caused such extreme pain in my neck and arm that I could not sleep at night. I tried several remedies, such as swallowing the maximum number of pain killers, visiting the local Emergency Room Doctor, and consulting an Osteopath. None of these methods healed the excruciating pain in the top of my neck which would shoot into my arm continuously. However after a few sessions with Phaedra, the improvement in my arm movement, range of motion, and reduction of pain was evident. Phaedra taught me to stop, to slow down and take care of myself. The pinched nerve has completely healed now. I am confident that the continued application of acupuncture will help to reconcile the origin of the pain and restore balance and harmony to my body."

V J. Designer